Advanced Rubber Molding Inc.
An ISO9001:2015 Certified Company

Custom Rubber Molding - Injection - Compression
Products Manufactured
The following products are examples of the wide variety that Advanced Rubber Molding is able to produce:

Oilfield: Swab Cups, Pipe Wipers, Packer Rubbers, BOP's, Rod/Tubing Strippers, Oil Savers, V-Rings
Commercial: O-Rings, Seals, Grommets, Air Conditioner Mounts, Spatulas, Gaskets, Hydrostatic Seals, Diverter Seals, Casting Sprues.
Medical: Air Flow Diaphragms, Regulator Diaphragms, Connector Seal.
Military: Insulated Primers, Pitchers and lids, Spatulas, Blasting Cap Trays
Automotive: Clamps, Mounts, Dash Bumpers
Aerospace: Dust Covers

10" - 36" Platens
Up to 600 tons
Perfect for prototypes

24" x 30" Platen
400 ton capacity
8# shot size
Designed for producing those high quantity production runs

Cryogenic Deflashing System
Deflashing machines strip parts in seconds.  This is much faster than chemical stripping, molten salt baths, incineration, rotary tumbling, and hand sanding.  As a result, more parts can be deflashed in less time.
Cryogenic Deflasher
400 Ton Injection Press
15" - 36" Presses
60" Mill